Vampires in our world

Martial God Asura

have you read the Martial God Asura? The battles are fun to watch, and the power each of the characters has is insane.They are all fun to watch so you will not be missing out of anything you are expecting, and I can say for sure that avid shounen manga fan will not be disappointed reading this book. In the introduction of the characters, the author shows really well how their own distinction will be of use for the plot, how they will fit in with everyone else, and every sequence of fighting is so delightful to watch. A lot more is added to the show other than the fightings and the actions: there is a balance between the heart touching stories and the humor that makes you laugh your stomach out. To add more praise, I want to say that the perverted moments in this series are really appropriate. Of course, they are over the top, but the author does not use them too often or too depicting so that they are enjoyed thoroughly. Clearly, these moments are used for quick chuckles, and not for exploitation. A cheap tactic, yes it is, but in comparison to other shows, they are more entertaining and less annoying.

The insane fight actions fill the show, but they can make us understand the different power of each character thoroughly. The later fights, though, get more and more bizarre, so it might be hard to take the show seriously after a certain point. But who are we to ask for seriousness in a typical shounen series? If it is seriousness you are looking for, we are suggesting the Martial God Asura, which is all about history, fights, morals and philosophies of the people in difficult situations. It is really one of a kind novel that is written for children but can be enjoyed by all age alike for its content and expressions.

It is  a near future when an unknown virus comes in and wipes out all of the humans who is aged over thirteen. (That sounds just like what happened in the Martial God Asura!). Then, of course, the younger children will not be affected. These little kids are taken in by the vampires, another species on Earth at the time who is a blood hunger all the times. They live in the luxurious palaces below the surface of the earth and use the humans like we use livestock. Yuichiro is one in those children, who always wish for the day when e can escape altogether with his peer orphans while killing off these disgusting vampires. The rebel did happen, but it ends with Yu being the only survivor. Now that Yu is out, he understands all the more that killing the vampires is a dream bleaker than the morning dew.

Now that vampires have passed the trend, may be you are already sick of it after the Martial God Asura. But Yuichiro has a much more convincing reason to despite these cruel creatures, as he lives only at the mercy at a government of vampires when every one older has been killed off by an unknown virus. The term live at the mercy sounds too nice, as the vampires herd the humans only to eat them later. The kids are even paid to eat off their fellow just for the vampires’ entertainment. Eventually, Yu and his former friends in this gruesome orphanage attempted an escape, resulting in Yu being the only survivor.


After Yu has escaped, he learns that feasting themselves off the kids is not the only thing these vampires do, they are also hiding a bigger secret. But that does not make Yu hate these vampires any less.
A cruel story this may sound, and it indeed is. However, more than that, the series pride itself in this cruelty: the author makes the vampires really disgusting, who eat the flesh of the children with glee.


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