The Fantasy Worlds In Light Novel

King of Gods

The King of Gods has a dark title, but it is, in fact, the lightest hearted series that is released by Kodansha in this year. It is more of a shounen that is aimed to young and teenage boys, and it falls in the same category with Fairy Tail and Sengoku’s Dragon Balls. But with its nice art style, the light novel can be enjoyed by any readers at all.
In the beginning, the story began in Brittania, a fantasy land where there are seven outlaws that grouped together and call themselves the King of Gods. They wanted to overthrow the rulers 10 years before, and without anyone really knowing why, they just disappeared. The people are still aware that these people are still strong and ambitious, but they haven’t shown themselves for a long time. The fight has resulted in a protectorate,named the Holy Knights, the fighters with magical skills that want to bring justice to the Seven Deadly Sins. If fantasy light novel is your thing, we suggest you read King of Gods

And then Melodias appears, a guy who is cheerful and ditzy who comes together with a princess who suddenly falls into his laps from the sky. And then the truth shows itself that the Holy Knights actually wanted to outthrow the king, while the seven deadly sins were the ones who tried to keep them out. The princess who is named Elizabeth is being chased constantly, so she seeks to find the lost warriors that were misunderstood, the ones who can help her ¬†raise the country again. So she falls into Melodias’ arm, with his pig that can talk who carries his chipped sword. This guy, of course, has a few secrets of his own, which makes perfect senses because he has just come out of the forest.
The series features the type of conversations and art that are quite oldish, that is why you may not feel so familiar with it yet.

Pushed it to the point of no return, Hayate collapsed altogether with his moral compass for the first time in his life thinking this is the end of his life, the end of what he thought of as family, the end of it all. But then, appeared the young mistress Nagi.
The two met in a hilarious place, with Hayate mumbling through his mouth and Nagi’s fantasies warping the truth, a perfectly misled communication occurred. Talk about fantasy, have you given King of Gods a chance?¬†After that, chances even let Hayate rescue the girl from a kidnapper group. He is durable enough to chase down the car at high speed with his bicycle, and even when that car hit him, he still survived. Nagi was fascinated by this and wanted to make Hayate her butler and bodyguard.
Nagi is used to this extravagant lifestyle that is exaggerated to a ridiculous level, and it was far from anything Hayate has been through, even outside of his imagination. She is surrounded by many weird people at her level, that could guarantee a crazy journey for Hayate should he gets involved with her. But he did, anyway. And of course, their conversations continue to be misleading due to Nagi’s strong fantasy that can warp the truth, and the obvious one-sided feeling of Nagi. And then, crazy robots, white tigers that can talk in hikikomori style, fights for money and inheritance and more absurd situations occur. We also recommend King of Gods, which is also a good light novel.

The reason that this series works itself out so well and for such a long time is that it has the right amount of plot and story development. The comedies are never in short and it keeps free running throughout the course and keep the audience hooked for such a long time. The cast is endearing and humorous, also, and all of that together make the light novel really nice.



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