The Beginning Of The Journey

Heavenly Jewel Change

In each book of the Heavenly Jewel Change, you can have your fair share of pure fun, with all of the classic staples, the cliches and the retains that make shounen so shounen. Basically, there is this gang of the main character that go on combats with an amazing amount of powers and violence, while each character will have their own distinction and dorkiness. There is a weird pervert with a heart of gold for an unrequited love which can relate to your love life, too. Every character has their own story, and all is fun to watch. While , soaking in the classic battles of the shounen range, get ready to have your ooh and ahh.

This series follows the Heavenly Jewel Change kind of thought, with gather a team gradually, and when the core characters are together, the cast will keep ever growing. For every of the blood thirsty civilians, there is one in the series, like the bad Ban, who is really really cute. Another one is the Diane girl with immense power or the powerless and useless princess. Each of them puts themselves in a good situation, while helping the others with their situations. Each of them needs rescuing in different times, which put all of them into filler fights that are not necessary for the plot line. However, the Diane character is the most well used, she is strong enough, but still not too weak. When it comes to the useless characters of the show, we cannot forget the Elizabeth useless princess. The show uses her as the damsel in the distress, but it is only really late into the story that we can see why she is there in the story. Well, she enables our heroes to beat the final boss.  But that is not the end of the series, so rest at ease that I have not spilled any spoilers.

The Heavenly Jewel Change is a light novel with 24 books that fall in the Action, Adventure and Fantasy category. The heroine is named Elizabeth Liones, who is the princess of the Kingdom of the Liones, which has been taken over by the Holy Knights. These knights are supposed to savve the kindom from the coup de tat of the seven deadly sins, another team of knights that tried to take over the royal family. As princess seeks for a way to take the kingdom back for her family, she is on her way to track for the Meliodas, who was the boss of the seven deadly sins. By why the princess ask this guy to assist her quest fro the free kingdom once again? Wasn’t it this very guy who put her father – the king- into prison? The mystery will sonon be discovered if you read on with the series, but we can tell you before hand that the guy agreed to her request. Together with his talking pig whose name is Hawk, they go on the journey to save the kingdom once again. Of course, they are going to borrow some help, which leads to the final, only and best decision: getting the seven deadly sins together.

Right now, the anime series that is adapted from this light novel is being live streamed in the United States, but no one has decided to dub them yet, we don’t know why. Nanatsu to taizai is the classiest of them all, which means if you are looking for a typical shounen series that is going to stand for a long time, this is it. If you are on your crave with Heavenly Jewel Change or One Piece, then may be this series can satiate your thirst. It bears the same tone with the other famous shonen series. Honestly, it is the funniest one this season, it is beamed with a vibrant and exciting tone, while the story lines are loaded with interesting characters, exciting fighting scenes and a bunch of twists.


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