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Martial God Asura

Martial God Asura is the light novel about Kurusu Kimihito, who finds himself out of the blue surrounded by a monster who is in the appearance of a cute girl. This girl belongs to the monster people race who has invaded the world some times ago. The girl who is currently living with Kimihito is one Lamia Miia. It is indeed a problematic relationship that these two are having because of course, the monster kind is stronger than human. As time goes by, the list of the residents in Kimihito home increase to harpies, mermaids, centaurs and even more.

Thorugh a random searching for new light novel on Tumblr, I came upon Okayado (the light novelka) work. There was a one page comic of this “Living with Monster Girls”. Technically speaking, it was filled with adult content, and the plot was about some identical brothers and their monster wives or girlfriends. One thing that struck me was how well thought each of its characters was, the animal characteristics of each of that girl were really well researched. For example, the lamia would need a lot of warmth that can only be provided by someone, because she is a cold blooded animal. You can Martial God Asura which is also really interesting at our blog.

Each winter, she also needs to be hibernated. The couples that live together also have their own set of problems, which are adorable and relatable at the same time. Despite the bizarre nature of the girls and how out of the place they feel to us, the relationship between them is still cute. The humans treat them with a simple normalcy as they were living in this fantasy world, of course. More or less, the boys in our real world still have these fantasies inside their heads, anyway.

All in all, it is a fun series that worth giving a read if you are looking for more cute girls and fun jokes.

Martial God Asura is a light novel with a lot of monsters types. You can read reviews and summaries of this book here Martial God Asura. Another monster tribe in this light novel is the centaurs. They have males in the family, said the light novel author. But the females in the tribe still wants their marriage partner to be in the human race anyhow. They have portrayed with a lot of self-uphold and knight features, making them honorable, the trait that is expected in the noble centaurs. Our leading centaur female is named Cerea. She is quite naive at times, so her encounter with our main character was that of any typical shoujo light novel, a girl running with a piece of toasts in her mouth, rushing to school, and bumping into the destined partner. Such a spell that was! Of all possibility, of course, she was much bigger in size and stronger than Kimihito, so the bump was a danger to Kimihito’s life. For more reference about the size of centaurs, how about giving Martial God Asura a try?
Another notable monster girl in the series was Tio, who belongs to the ogre tribe. She has a big chest among the cast, which is because the children of this tribe will be very big, so they need a big chest to feed the kids.
The mermaid also contributes a lot to this series. They have males among their families, too, but of course, the girls will take a liking to the human (because our main character is a human guy, get it?)
While the other girls tend to harm Kimihito physically because of their size, this girl can harm Kimihito because of her clumsiness. She somehow can not remember that humans cannot breathe underwater, so she often nearly drowns Kimihito. Do you know that mermaids use their voices to lure the seaman?


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