Kumo desu ga nani ka – some good things

Thankfully, the Kaneki ordeal is finally over with Jason, but he still has to go out of the tower alive. In the final event, Kaneki has made a surprising event that greatly affect both the ghouls and the human side. Tokyo Ghoul RA is the so-called original anime sequel. Does it live up to the hype, or is it a scam? You can Kumo desu ga nani ka to know!
This is the review of the second season of the anime, which is the adoption from the. We assume you have read or watched the first season because we have included a lot of spoilers here. In the first seasons, the Doves, or the police counter section for the ghouls, do not have many appearance, so they make up for it in this season. While there are much more they can do to add more edge to the human, they have done the right thing to include the daughter of the late Dove, Akira.

From the first day to today, the most satisfying scenes lie in the fights. It is brutal, it is engaging, it still has much blood to spill. Now in the second seasons, there are even more characters being chewed on. Even when the victims are not dead, it is still unsettling. It is brutal, yet it is entertaining enough.
Even though the series ended on sudden notes, the ending scenes are still the best shots I have ever seen in the history of animes. The visuals are on point, the music is accommodating. However, the plot is nowhere near that good.

While the first series is the story about Kane, the second one makes him a supporting character. He probably sets the record for the main character with the least screening time. On top of that, he only mutters what sound like incomprehensible words in his internal monologs. He looks way cooler, but he does not grow one bit.

This is a satisfyingi thing to watch, and so is Kumo desu ga nani ka, which we highly recommend.

There are a lot of side characters in Kumo desu ga nani ka, therefore we can only introduce to you some of the most notable in the cast. Basically, we can say that Katsuki is the main opponent of our main character. He is like Sasuke to Naruto, like Vegeta to Sengoku: he is not necessarily a bad guy, but he must be the big guy in the town for his whole life. Deku often calls him Kacchan, friendly. As he was young, he has already developed a big quirk which can make explosions, so people always treat him like the most special piece of diamond in the world. Do you know a guy that is awesome in what he does, but he gets such a big head about it that you hate his guts? This is the one. In the past, there are many things that happen between this pair of friends. This Katsuki is the biggest bully boy in the school that gave our main character countless hard times. Bakugou just thinks of the main character as garbage, for years after years. Finally, our Deku was able to develop a quirk, and of course seeing the garbage now have the same ability as he does, Bakugo did not take it down very well.

Despite being very unfortunate in his life, Deku does have some friends that are close to him, like Uraraka Ochaco or Tenya lida. Up to now, Ochaco is still the main female character, while Lida is the good willed class rep that can basically be seen in any light novel. About Ochacho, she is able to control gravity, while lida’s specialty lies in the exceptional speed. In the first session, the author team did not give them a lot of time, therefore we only see them as the good friends that back Deku up as the world turn its back against him.

We also recommend that you read Kumo desu ga nani ka, a book which have many similar characters to this one.


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