The Imaginary Garden novel online

Twenty-something Sienna is hired as a personal secretary to Alexis Stefanides, a handsome, arrogant Greek multimillionaire who seduces her for impure reasons (when they sleep together, he symbolically crushes a rose in his fist). After an accident, Sienna gets amnesia; when she regains her memories, she finds herself married to Alexis, and her feelings of […]

Read Fighting Girl Juline

Juline and her two female friends are the teenage heirs of martial arts families in a setting that’s half ancient China, half modern-day Japan. (Half of the scenes take place in generic modern schoolrooms, and the other half are set in silk-hung palaces and mysterious pagodas under the full moon.) While our blushing heroine nurtures […]

The Day of Revolution light novel online

Unfunny collection of short stories by the “international rainbow-haired rock-’n’-roll cartoonist” Ippongi Bang. An extremely light parody of the horror genre, the tales involve ironic punishments for various social ills (a girl makes a devil’s bargain to lose weight; a guy who cuts in line on the subway suffers an awful fate; a girl who […]

Relieving pain and ache competently: 3 suggestions to stopping dying through Chiropractic changes and treatments

  information of the way a simple chiropractic adjustment led to the dying of Playboy version Katie can also has been all over the information recently. in line with the coroner’s report, the chiropractic adjustment damaged an artery that extends from the neck to the mind. while this form of hassle is quite rare with […]

Electric Dream Space-Time light novel

Ten months after an asteroid impacts in central Tokyo, one of the three people who’d been listed as missing in the crater turns himself in to the police and spins an outrageous tale of where he’d been, including alien probes that are able to stop time, invasive cyber-circuitry procedures, resurrections, and battles to the death […]

The most macho hero ever? Tales of demons and gods

Against the gods is basically an attempt to create the most extreme shônen manga action movie imaginable; volume 4 even contains tributes to Arnold Schwarzenegger, Steven Seagal, Bruce Willis, and other action stars. Baron Gong is a beloved Chicago bar owner, but he’s also a motorcycle-riding, shotgun-slinging bad-ass who hunts the evil mutant super-beings who killed […]

5 approaches to Double Your funding

advent: One common query that we get approximately investments is how to decorate them. To double your earnings way essentially creating a respectable incomes over your initial investment. Making profit over the funding is exciting. each person is fascinated to realize how they could make a large earnings. A substantial earnings might mean that you […]