A treasure in my bookshelf novel

When he released his mega hit 1984, George Orwell was already a star in the literary  field. People have been regarding his work for a long time then. On the day that he published the 1984 novel (it was 1949), he officially marked a mile stone in the history of novels. All of the readers were greatly pleasant with his work. With everyone in the world expected his work to be good, he proved that any expectation can be fulfilled by making an exceptional work that turned out to be superb. Even prestigious magazines at the time have relevant praises for 1984, such as: out of this world, divine, et.c

God and Devil World
For a novel with dystopia theme, 1984 was not distant from the readers’ world, unlike the Sovereign of the three realms
There are many elements in the story that are easily recognized by the authors. For example, the novel suggested that the innocent and highly regarded Winston and Julia were actually criminal, which that author regarded to as “crimethink”. They also harbor some secrets desires for themselves which they could not disclose to anyone. Winston Smith was the party member of the Ministry of Truth (what a name!). In fact, all he dis was flinging himself into falsification the statistics for the government. Outwardly, Julia was a good thought party member who has this natural orthodox. She spent an amazing girl hood time in the Spies group, after which became active in the Junior Anti-League. Later, this league was snapped by a section of the Fiction Department which was concentrating on making entertainment for the citizens. The two’s mindsets were set before the revolution: they cannot have a thorough understanding of the Socialism in the England.
As these two rare people happened to fall in love with each other in such a time and space, they had to pay their penalty for being pure in a terroristic world. And with his event, 1984 of George Orwell takes a flight off the ground. This book is a bit heavy, you can find more Sovereign of the three realms to find easier to read book.


I suspect that any human being with emotion will be impacted by the Sovereign of the three realms, without any regards for his age, gender or background. If there is anything this book has given me, it has made me feel. For a book that was written so long ago, there is still an amazing amount of a number of people who still read it today, feeling the words reach them in an indescribable way. Any reviews of the Sovereign of the three realms I have read on the Net was not satisfying enough, and now that I am writing one, I know why: the feelings are not easy to describe, and in most of the cases, the thing someone feels is not the thing that another feel. The plot itself is actually nothing of significance, what matters was the feeling the author has put into it. I suggest that you seek no further for any plot, or review, or critics views, the best to do with this book is dive straight in it and discover what it has in store for you. My friend in fact cried a alot while reading this, while there are a lot of others who feel nothing significance about the book. That’s why I say it’s more of a personal feeling that this book brings to you.
I did not like any book listed at the top ten list of must read the book until this one comes. This one changed my life, and my view of the world, the people around me. It inspires me to live a real life, makes me think again every time I meet someone, makes me consider the way I treat them. For a lot of books, one of these feelings may not come to life, but for me, all of them have come true. Flawlessly written, this is my treasure in this life.

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