4 Tips to Improve Your Blogging Productivity

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It’s happening again—you’re spinning your wheels. You know time is money, but getting out of a productivity rut can feel like an uphill battle, but only if you let it. In fact, moments like these are your cue to change your blogging habits for the better. Before you start pulling your hair out, let’s discuss four effective changes you can make right now to boost your productivity and loosen the nozzle on your income stream.
Take on More Hobbies , Light Novel online
Are you seriously neglecting your interests outside of work? If so, start spending some quality time with those hobbies right now! Whether it’s sports, crafts, volunteering, or cars, engaging in hobbies outside of work is proven to relieve stress.

Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew
It’s hard to say no as a freelancer. No one likes the feeling of a missed opportunity, but saying “no” more often is actually a great way to avoid blogger burnout. While scoring new clients is exciting, overbooking yourself can happen in a blink of an eye. You may think you can handle such behemoth workloads, but that’s quickly underscored by the reality of juggling too much.
Biting off more than you can chew not only puts your professional reputation on the line, but it can dramatically affect your clients’ own project deadlines. This just leads to more crippling stress and a domino effect of project delays. You can avoid this by not pursuing additional projects when you’re booked solid and not agreeing to a project before consulting your work calendar first.
Get Organized Now
Along with your work calendar, more organization hacks can prevent blogger burnout before it starts. It’s amazing how much time you lose looking for business cards, supplies, and project briefs, and that’s before the stress sets in. Wouldn’t it be nice to have everything accessible from one easy location?
First, clean up your work space. Clutter is distracting, frustrating, and can even induce feelings of guilt. Use mini file cabinets or trays to organize your work contracts, tax forms, writers’ magazines, and other documents. If you’re not a neat freak, that’s okay too. Gather up any extra tupperware, shoe boxes, cans, and glass jars you have, and label them to create separate containers to toss your supplies into.
Second, soup up your computer. There are so many handy apps and programs out there designed to make your life easier. For example, instead of decorating your computer with post-it notes, use digital sticky notes and note-taking apps instead. For example, Evernote allows you to create separate notebooks where you can add notes, checkboxes, to-do lists, and blog post drafts. Plus, you can sync it with your smartphone just like these following work apps.
• Microsoft Office Suite for content creation • Google Calendar for managing multiple jobs • Dropbox and Google Drive for cloud storage • LastPass for managing multiple passwords • Feedly for managing multiple online publications • Pocket for saving online articles

Stay Nourished and Take Breaks
It’s okay to take a break or two, or even three. In fact, regular breaks are recommended! Studies show that if you’re focused on the same task for too long, your brain becomes less stimulated and you start to lose focus. This problem is only exacerbated by staring at a computer screen for hours on end, but a couple of hacks can turn this around.
By taking a quick break on the hour, you can renew your focus on your writing. A work break is the perfect time to take a walk around the block and nourish yourself to stay energized throughout the day, so stay stocked up on bananas, avocados, trail mix, and other protein-rich snacks, not junk. Plus, you can cut down on eye-strain by dimming your computer screen’s brightness or installing an app like f.lux that adjusts your screens’ colors to make them easier on your eyes.
You definitely have what it takes to open the floodgates to more freelance jobs and multiple income streams. Make sure to include at least one outside activity in your life, keep your work and workspace functional, don’t overbook yourself, and break up your day with healthy snacks and exercise. Soon, you’ll find that a healthier work-life balance with not only improve your productivity, but inspire more content, pitches, and even future business endeavors

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